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The Grounds

Experience a wonderful and exciting vacation at ATV Resort, offering secluded beauty, great lodging amenities and miles of exciting trails that wind through the beautiful Cumberland Mountains in Campbell County, Tennessee.

Campbell County is located in the northeastern portion of Tennessee along the Kentucky state line. Mountain elevations vary from 820 feet to 3,350 feet above sea level. The terrain includes gracefully rolling hills with a gorgeous green valley bordered by a clear creek called Stinking Creek (which, fortunately, doesn't live up to its name).

Ride Royal Blue ATV Guest Ranch connects to the Tennessee Wildlife Management Area called Royal Blue and Sundquist. It offers over 600 miles of trails covering 200,000 acres.


Our lodge restaurant is open for a hearty southern breakfast buffet from 8 am to 10:30 am on
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The restaurant is also available for catering groups, meetings,
and events by call 423-784-9445.

General Store

Step back into the pioneer days at our Lil' General Store! Our store goods are showcased on old fashioned wooden shelves that were cut from our property's very own timber.

Whether you want to gear up for an exhilarating ride or roast marshmallows by the fire, you'll find just about anything you need here during your stay.

Supplies include:

  • Snacks, ice and beverages
  • Clothing, hats, rainwear and jackets
  • Toiletries and sundries
  • First aid and pharmaceuticals
  • Firewood and marshmallows
  • Riding accessories and oil
  • TWRA OHV and hunting permits
  • Our reception is also located in the General Store. All guests and visitors must register upon arrival.

ATV Wash Stations

When your ATV needs a bath, we offer  ATV Wash Stations that are open 24hrs a day. Just buy  some wash tokens at the General Store during normal business hours and  use your tokens  at the Wash Station any time of the day!

Pioneer, TN Forecast

H: 66 - L 51
Feb 19
Chance Rain: 59%
Slight Chance Rain Showers
Slight Chance light rain showers.

H: 71 - L 56
Feb 20
Chance Rain: 17%
Mostly Cloudy

H: 71 - L 58
Feb 21
Chance Rain: 10%
Rain Showers
Definitely light rain showers and slight chance thunderstorms.

H: 62 - L 55
Feb 22
Chance Rain: 12%
Rain Showers
Definitely light rain showers.

H: 67 - L 53
Feb 23
Chance Rain: 10%
Chance Rain Showers
Chance light rain showers and slight chance thunderstorms.

H: 66 - L 55
Feb 24
Chance Rain: 46%
Rain Showers Likely
Likely light rain showers.

H: - L 49
Feb 25
Chance Rain: 81%
Rain Showers Likely
Likely light rain showers.

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