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Our Mission

Ride Royal Blue is dedicated to helping families create mountain memories.

Ride Royal Blue History

The ATV has been a tradition in our family for 20 years now. My fondest memories are of growing up riding with my mom along the trails of the Cumberland mountains. Our family is originally from Dayton Ohio and being from the city we craved a genuine mountain experience, not offered by commercial hotel environment. We sought after a cabin atmosphere where we could enjoy a crackling campfire at night while sharing the day's adventure ....and don't forget the s'mores ! We found that in the mountains at night is an entirely different atmosphere offering the sounds of crickets, croaking frogs and a star soaked sky. After dealing with hotels and places to park we decided we needed to create a safe haven for folks like us who wanted something more. That is when the idea of Ride Royal Blue took off and got its humble beginnings. Whether with family or friends I can assure you that your memories made here will last a lifetime.


Sheila, Jessica, and Nathan Westray

Pioneer, TN Forecast

H: 75 - L 56
Apr 25
Chance Rain: 28%
Rain Showers
Definitely light rain showers and slight chance thunderstorms.

H: 67 - L 43
Apr 26
Chance Rain: 40%
Rain Showers Likely
Likely light rain showers.

H: 73 - L 53
Apr 27
Chance Rain: 83%
Partly Sunny

H: 69 - L 49
Apr 28
Chance Rain: 57%
Partly Sunny

H: 76 - L 58
Apr 29
Chance Rain: 9%
Slight Chance Thunderstorms
Slight Chance thunderstorms and slight chance light rain showers.

H: 80 - L 60
Apr 30
Chance Rain: 14%
Mostly Cloudy

May 01
Chance Rain: 17%
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance thunderstorms and chance light rain showers.

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